NOTW: Looking Ahead

I’ve picked up a bad habit in food service. I have a tendency to look at the ground when walking. Not so much because I am trying to avoid eye contact with people or that I have a low self esteem. No, I developed this habit because I had to spot any floor hazards when walking around in a restaurant. Floor hazards like spatulas, knives, feet, children, anything that could trip me up during rush hour. There is a certain sort of dance that has to be preformed when working in a restaurant, and any miss step could spell disaster.

The thing is, my habit of floor watching didn’t stop at work. I found myself applying it in everyday life. Which I was aware of, but didn’t particularly find a problem in. When I did it, I could see everything I needed to know to get from one place to the next safely. Besides, it’s not like my head was fixed towards the ground or anything, just my eyes.

Recently I went on a walk in the park. It was a beautiful day and autumn was in full swing. Shades of yellow and red coated the trail from the trickling trees over head. I took my time taking it all in, watching the leaves as they gracefully fluttered in the wind.

I felt a sort of wonder in it all, and as time went on, almost care free. Before I knew it, I was at the end of the trail. ‘Wait, what? But I didn’t pass the large crack in the trail at the second mile mark yet, or the pot hole that recently got repaved.’ I thought. Then I realized something, I had been so fascinated by the scenery, I hadn’t even noticed were I was going.

My confusion was quickly over come with concern. ‘What all have I been missing?’ I wondered

‘With being so caught on efficiency, what did I miss along the way?’

Though my technique worked, and I always knew where I was going, I was missing everything note worthy along the way. The sights, colors, and people were all lost on me because I was so fixated on getting from point A to B as efficiently as possible.

This week, I encourage you guys to being more open to your surroundings. Really opening your eyes and living in the now, instead of just where you want to be. There is, after all, a whole world out there.

Thank you guys for joining me in this week’s NOTW (Notes on the Wall). What’s something that has been inspiring you or even getting you through this week? Feel free to share in the comments or hit me up on twitter (@PunkMusical)!

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