About The Punk

So I suppose I may be helpful to sort of explain what who I am and why I feel that my thoughts are worth listening to. My name is Mark and I have made a choice in my life. Someday I plan to be a Rockstar (Fairly straight forward right?) I thought it may be worth journaling my experience and maybe even inspiring a couple of people along the way.
Another thing you need to know, is that I am using you. That’s right, lets just get that out in the open.
Not for views, or money, or anything of the sort. That would make way to much sense. Instead, I need you all to keep me accountable. I have tried the whole jounaling thing a few times, and every time got either distracted or just got bored with it. So I thought maybe through a new media my attention could be held.

I am always trying out new things so be sure to check in frequently!

So laugh with me, cry with me, or… I guess laugh at me crying?

Enjoy your stay!